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How to complete the Supplier Registration Application?

Kindly fill in all mandatory information. If you think a question does not apply to your type of business, please indicate, 'N/A'. Some questions require supporting documentation, hence ensure appropriate documents are attached. Insufficient information and documentation, may delay the registration.

  1. The name should be the same as appearing on the Commercial Registration Document.
  2. Location is Company’s main office location.
  3. The Commercial Registration Number, Expiry Date, Business Grade and Principal activity of the Company should be as shown on the Computer paper issued by the Commercial Registration Department Ministry of Commerce .
  4. Only the latest valid Commercial Registration Document must be attached. Upon expiry of the Commercial Registration, the system will automatically block the vendor until the new updated Commercial Registration Document is uploaded in the system by the vendor.
  5. Indicate shareholdings of 10% and above of the owners of the business in any other businesses.
  6. Indicate where figures are un-audited and reasons for this. Provide last two years audited financial statements.
  7. Information to be provided for all the banks that the business deals with on a regular basis. We may need to contact your bank and in this respect a request will be made to you at an appropriate time.
  8. We may need to contact your auditor and in this respect a request will be made to you at an appropriate time.
  9. Attach documentary evidence to support the information entered in this section.
  10. We are seeking information on the senior management: CEO/ General Manager, Financial Controller/ Manager, Sale/Marketing Manager, Operational Managers, etc. Please feel free to use your designations for above functions.
  11. The following bank details must be provided:
    1. Account Number and Swift Code (for Local and Overseas Vendors).
    2. IBAN No. and Sort Code (for Overseas Vendors).
  12. For inquiries, please email us at SCM.info@omanair.com
  13. For any future change(s) in the supplied information, it is mandatory for the vendor to update the online vendor registration with the new information. Vendors are held liable for the correctness and ensuring up-to-date information in the SCM E-Portal online vendor registration system.